Two burglars attempting to steal inventory from a Coral Springs equipment dealer certainly didn’t know about one crucial piece of equipment in the facility—Sonitrol’s Verified Live Audio Detection System.

This technology, combined with wireless real-time video access and prompt police response, aided in catching the two thieves. Hearing a distinct banging sound in the warehouse, an operator immediately dispatched the authorities. He then confirmed the break-in by remotely tapping into the store’s video surveillance system which indeed showed two individuals headed towards the exit with valuable inventory in tow.

Within ten minutes, the Coral Springs police arrived on the scene. After a quick search of the premises, they located and followed the suspects’ vehicle. After a brief pursuit, the police arrested and jailed three criminals.

The police were able to respond quickly because they knew this was a verified incident. “Sonitrol’s advanced audio technology greatly reduces the number of false alarms, and gives police real-time, purely pertinent information,” said John Ray, III, president of Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale. The ability to hear thieves as they try to enter the building as opposed to viewing them already inside the building provides a major advantage. The technology reassures authorities that an incident is truly underway, and increases successful apprehensions.

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