Level 5 Security Group announces launch of its verified video intrusion detection product, Eye5.

With the alarm industry moving to verified dispatch, Level 5 Security Group has launched its new video-verified intrusion detection product, Eye5. Utilizing live and recorded video images transmitted from an armed facility, Eye5 provides responding authorities the information they need to give the alarm priority response.

“The alarm industry is quickly adopting new technology, both through IP protocols and the type of information that is relayed to the central station,” said John Ray III, Level 5’s President CEO. “With the migration to transmitting alarm information via the internet, security companies are now able to view comparatively large amounts of both visual and alarm data from our clients’ locations, virtually instantaneously.”

Ray noted that police departments and municipalities across the country have had their resources stressed responding to false alarms from the security industry. “Unverified, false alarms from motion detectors and glass break detectors are running police agencies ragged,” states Ray. “In Broward County alone, the Sheriff estimates that 80 hours are eaten up by his personnel in responding to erroneous alarms. Of course, 80 hours means that this wasteful activity is really using up the time of two fulltime officers that could be fighting crime instead.”

With the amount of hours required to carry out this response to false alarms, some cities and police departments are moving toward verified response only, whereby they will only respond to the dispatch if the alarm company is able to verify either through live audio or video that there is actually an intruder on-site.

“The Eye5 service addresses this trend perfectly, as it enables us to verify via a live video feed what is happening – and the police love it. What this means to the end user is that when we do dispatch the authorities, we really know there is something going on at the site because we’re able to see it with our own eyes. The end result is faster police response and the end to annoying false alarm calls in the middle of the night.”

For more information, please visit Level 5 Security Group’s home page at www.level5securitygroup.com