(HOLLYWOOD, Fla.) — Two thieves attempting a jewelry heist at Koosh Jewelers in Hollywood found themselves headed to jail instead after a verified Sonitrol audio detection alarm system heard their actions even before they could gain entry, and alerted Hollywood Police.

At 2:27 a.m.on June 7, an audio monitor at the store relayed the sound of loud pounding outside the upscale store at 2790 Stirling Road to Sonitrol’s central monitoring station. Sonitrol monitoring staff immediately notified Hollywood Police who responded within three minutes. At the scene, officers found and arrested two suspects who were attempting to gain entry through a side window with an axe.

Knowing that this was a verified incident – not a false alarm – police arrived at the store quickly, with 11 officers and their sergeant. “Being able to detect the sounds thieves make can speed response,” said John Ray, III, president of Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale. “Whether they can be seen or not, live audio detection makes these individuals’ presence known and can provide important information to help police arrive prepared for what they may find.”

Koosh Jewelers owner Sharon Sharaby said he was “thrilled and grateful” that the Sonitrol audio detection system he had installed two years ago proved so effective. Verified audio and video intrusion detection systems protect a facility’s interior, perimeter and roof, Ray explained, and police typically respond faster when they know an incident is truly underway.

To learn more about Sonitrol verified audio and video intrusion detection systems, contact John Ray, III of Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale at 954-772-9700, or visit https://securefl.com.

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